Visual roof inspection provides a first economical approach in evaluation of the current situation of the roof. Deficient conditions and lack of maintenance can greatly compromise the service life of the waterproofing.

About 50% of the failed roof waterproofing is because of the lack of maintenance. Minor repairs and cleaning usually extend the waterproofing service life by years. 

RoofSpec delivers a detailed roof plan where all possible or already failed areas of the waterproofing system are indicated. Digital photos are included.

An infrared scanning of the roof provide valuable information for evaluation of the roofs under examination.

All the methods used in this phase are non-destructive for the waterproofing system.

If the results are not efficient enough, cores of the system are taken in order to calibrate and verify the previous results.



In cooperation with the owner or his representative, a budget estimation is generated for the corrective actions that need to be taken according to the findings of the visual inspection and owner's needs and objectives. 

Through our extensive knowledge of available solutions and manufacturers, a detailed technical proposal is delivered with at least 3 different systems and applicators if possible.

CAD details clearly define the needed scope of works for the applicator.

The proposed systems are developed and expressed in a way that manufacturer's warranty is issued, secured and valid. 

All the applicators that are proposed are qualified, experienced and trained in order to be able to install the systems according to manufacturer's directions. 



Bidding procedure can be quite complex. If several different systems have been proposed, it is difficult to evaluate them bilaterally. Different materials have different characteristics in terms of curing, temperature requirements, safety protocols etc.

If there is not any specific and clear scope of works, applicators can hand over their offer which may differ from their competitors, leading to unequal bids for the owner to calculate. 

RoofSpec can assist you in your decision for the winning bid as we have the experience and the know-how to recognize the best offer that would cover your needs and objectives.   



More than 40% of the failed roofing projects are due to poor workmanship. 

More than 70% of all roofing projects do not reach the expected life time of the system. 

Inspection of application is vital in order to secure owner's investment through out time. 

RoofSpec by weekly or full-time presence in the project can assist the owner in minimizing those risks. 

We can monitor project's progress, deal with problems that occur during application, ensure that the materials are being installed as indicated at the technical proposal and are in-line with manufacturer's directions. 

We can review invoices, changes in orders and logistic issues in order to secure owner's best interest